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Goal – Lighting for a quadraplegic man

My next project is a relatively simple lighting installation for a disabled man.

For a while now I have been involved with TADACT (Technical Aid for Disabled, Australian Capital Territory). Disabled people don’t come off assembly lines and have unique variances within their broad disability category. The standard equipment is targeted at the most common issues but this often isn’t quite what they need. TADACT is a group of volunteers that modify or manufacture specialty equipment for disabled people where there isn’t an adequate commercial solution.

Late last year I visited a quadriplegic man and talked about installing a custom light for him. Due to a vehicle accident he has no control below his chest and only crude movement of his arms and one thumb. He is also unable to exert any force with his arms.

He wanted a light he could control from his bed. The bedside lamps he was using were difficult for him to control due to the small switches. He didn’t like sleeping in the dark at night so it had dim while he slept but be bright enough to read by. He also moves his arms around at night and there’s a risk he could seriously burn himself with the bedside lamps, he had actually burnt himself just before I met him and received third degree burns again last week.

Taking those requirements (and a few more) I came up with a proposal. I would mount three halogen bulbs on the wall, one pointed at the bed and two at the roof with each set independently controllable. The wiring will be secured to the wall. There were two options proposed for the switching, using two sliding foot dimmers or jellybean switches and custom control circuitry. The second option was considerably more expensive, the jellybean switches are specially designed for disabled purposes and cost over $100 for a switch with almost the same functionality as a $2 switch at Jaycar. The almost is of course the slight modifications that make them better for disabled people.

Initially they decided that even the cheap option was too expensive. Yesterday TADACT contacted me and said a local charity had provided funding for the foot switch option. So this month’s project is to complete this for TADACT. The aim is to install it by the weekend of the first or second of May, preferably the weekend before.

This probably won’t take all of my time so I’ll use the rest to clean up some other stuff I should have done a while ago, might even do last year’s tax return…

Goal – Online tax returns

For my first project I am going to make a web based tax return creator for Australian tax returns.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) produces E-Tax, a program for Windows computers that allows you to produce a tax return and submit it online. Sadly it’s very much Windows only though they suggest exploring running Windows in a virtual machine. They are currently “investigating” supporting other platforms, but they have been doing this for years now and I’ve seen third hand correspondence that suggests the investigation isn’t progressing particularly quickly.

You can also fill in the return by hand on paper, complete with explanatory booklets. In practice the procedure for both is basically the same, the advantage of doing it digitally is that it’s easier to see the calculations and make corrections.

So the goal is to produce a website to help enter tax returns. I’ll base it off the paper tax return and as output produce a PDF that can be printed and posted in directly. The ATO actually accepts printouts from E-Tax so I’m fairly confident that they will accept these.

The secondary goal is to improve my abilities with Javascript. I have toyed around with Javascript a little bit, enough to do small tasks for webpages. In doing this I saw enough to know that Javascript had some fundamental differences but not enough to really understand or work with them. By doing a substantial Javascript project I hope to get over that hurdle and start to see how to properly design with the language.

By April 4th I’ll have a prototype site complete. Not a usable solution, that will probably happen sometime after the new tax returns come out in July. The development site can be seen at

April 4th features

  • Templating system
  • Basic layout
  • Functional data entry
  • Javascript data checking
  • Serverside storage
  • Basic calculations
  • Independent domain name
  • Public source repository

Maybe features

  • Client side encryption
  • User login system
  • Basic personal tax pack covered
  • Client side PDF generation

Later features

  • General package refactor
  • Complete core tax pack covered
  • Complete supplementary tax pack covered
  • Retrieve prefill information from ATO
  • Electronic submission to ATO
  • Integrate with accounting software
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