I have start­ed my first work ori­en­tat­ed project for the year. The plan is to design, build a sell a new microwave design.

As I am cur­rent­ly run­ning solo I have to wear a few more hats than I would nor­mal­ly, some I have nev­er real­ly want­ed. One of these is project man­ag­er. To ensure I don’t get caught up work­ing on some­thing less crit­i­cal and blow my time, or at least ensure I am aware of when it hap­pens, I have come up with a plan.

Below is the detailed time­line of phase one, estab­lish­ing the project’s via­bil­i­ty, the plan is to repost this week­ly. I don’t expect to keep strict­ly to the time­line, but at least hav­ing a base allows me to see the devi­a­tions.

I have actu­al­ly detailed a fair bit of phas­es two and three as well but the pro­gram I am using to dis­play the time­line strug­gles a bit with exten­sive con­tent, I might fix it up some day.

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