Cheesecake danish

CSIRO notebook

Atten­ded a car acci­dent on Monday with the SES.

Baked my first suc­cess­ful Dan­ish using an online recipe after two failed attempts fol­low­ing a recipe book. We ate one and gave one away to my Grandfather.

Designed my first PCB using KiCad and wrote up the exper­i­ence.

Had my new engin­eer­ing note­books delivered, offi­cial CSIRO stock. I had a ter­rible time try­ing to find a decent book, my cur­rent one is an art book I picked up from Office­Works and it wasn’t ideal. The cur­rent book has a few pages left, I’ll prob­ably trans­ition over to a new one in a week or two.