So I cheated a bit and pushed the dead­line out a week. While much of the check­list is done the pro­ject over­all is nowhere near where I hoped it would be. The issue I think was that I assumed that I would be pro­duct­ive for the whole week­end but it turns out I actu­ally do do social stuff and reg­u­lar main­ten­ance like clean­ing or iron­ing. Look­ing back I think I com­mit­ted about half the time I expec­ted to.

Tax website screenshot showing layout

Tax web­site screenshot

Tar­get features

  • Tem­plat­ing system

    Check. Using TT2 as described earlier. The tem­plat­ing isn’t com­plete but I was
    always plan­ning on grow­ing it as I went. Sadly it doesn’t prop­erly imple­ment the
    prim­at­ives I’m using but It’s good to start with a win, even if you steal it.

  • Basic lay­out

    Check. To start off with I had a ghastly col­our scheme of dif­fer­ent shades of red and roughly the lay­out I ended up with. I read on one of those innu­mer­able web­site design blogs that col­our schemes are import­ant. All the clas­sic mood stuff, red is firey and aggres­ive, white is ser­i­ous, bor­ing and reli­able. Reli­able seems like a good mood for a tax web­site but black and white is a bit too hard for someone as inept as I to pull off. So I went with a cream back­ground and a yellow/browny sec­ond­ary colour.

  • Func­tional data entry

    Check. This works pretty well actu­ally, change an input box and it’s imme­di­ately pushed to the server. Not per­fect (none of the code is), not­ably it’s not fully back­groun­ded so you get a slight delay.

  • Javas­cript data checking

    Fail. I didn’t get around to try­ing this.

  • Server­side storage

    Check. I went with Mon­goDB and it’s going well so far. Ended up hav­ing to write a very simple PHP script to expose the DB to the Javas­cript, primar­ily authen­tic­a­tion wrapping.

  • Basic cal­cu­la­tions

    Par­tial. I have some cal­cu­la­tions work­ing but it’s not a reusable structure.

  • Inde­pend­ent domain name

    Fail. The pro­ject isn’t far along enough to be use­ful yet so the domain isn’t import­ant, so I’m mark­ing this as a fail but don’t care. I also couldn’t find a free name I liked.

  • Pub­lic source repository


Maybe fea­tures

  • Cli­ent side encryption

    Fail. Didn’t start on this.

  • User login system

    Check. Pretty easy to imple­ment with the DB layer in place. I don’t have user
    cre­ation work­ing yet but that is actu­ally a fairly small amount of work.

  • Basic per­sonal tax pack covered

    Fail. I’m nowhere near achiev­ing this, it’s crazy how much they cram into a few pages.

  • Cli­ent side PDF generation

    Fail. Didn’t start on this.