So for the more recent sub­stan­tial chunk of time I have been neg­lect­ing this pro­ject, mainly pro­cras­tin­at­ing by play­ing with Zoo­keepr code. Over the last month I’ve churned almost 20k lines of code, though not all com­mit­ted yet. Which is a rel­at­ively pro­duct­ive way of being spec­tac­u­larly unproductive.

The big news is that I was selec­ted to speak at the next linux​.conf​.au. I con­fess this was a bit of a sur­prise, my long term plan was to sub­mit pro­pos­als to a few ven­ues this year and hope­fully speak in 2017. Spec­tac­u­lar suc­cess on that front does change the microwave plan slightly as it com­mits me to hav­ing a demon­strable pro­to­type — so I’ve shif­ted my pro­ject ree­valu­ation point fur­ther down the game plan and split the pro­to­type sec­tion into two halves with an eval­u­ation point between the cheap and expens­ive halves.

To sup­port this shift I have restruc­tured my plans around the basic pro­to­type. I have set the final vis­ion and the order of steps to achieve it.

As the base I will use a Panasonic NN-SF550W Microwave, this is a basic microwave that fea­tures an inver­ted power sup­ply and mag­net­ron as well as a flat­bed and stir­rer. I will replace the dis­play with a screen and touch­screen, the pro­cessor with a banana pi. The power sup­ply and door sensors will be integ­rated with the pro­cessor. Both the Panasonic Grid-Eye and Seek Thermal cam­eras will be moun­ted into the roof, I may only con­nect one at a time. A set of scales will be built into the floor of the microwave, prob­ably using the exist­ing base plate. Soft­ware of some sort will tie all the com­pon­ents together though it may not be pretty.

Work plan

At a rough estim­ate I’m look­ing at 2 – 3 months work to get a fea­ture com­plete franken-prototype. There is also sig­ni­fic­ant delay time in there to acquire new com­pon­ents to play with.

The groups of work are:
* Screen
* Touch
* Scales
* Seek­Thermal
* GridEye
* Inverter
* Other elec­tron­ics
* OS Software

The Gantt chart below breaks it out into a bit more detail with some rough tim­ing. I have only staggered out the next two weeks because I expect pre­dict­ing that far out is ambi­tious, fur­ther would be silly.

I’ve also used a dif­fer­ent pro­gram to gen­er­ate the gantt chart with a dif­fer­ent style of export, try­ing out Gnome Plan­ner instead of Gantt Pro­ject. I con­fess I don’t really like either of them.

Gantt Chart

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